About us

Rocío Sullivan is a professional dedicated to self improvement. He has always been fascinated by the soul-mind-body connection. He has dedicated his life to the learning and teaching of emotional education.

His academic preparation consists of a degree in Psychology with specialty in Clinic by the Autonomous University of Guadalajara and a master's degree in Gestalt Therapy by the Institute of Gestalt Therapy Occidental Occident (INTEGRO), together with an endless number of courses, conferences, trainings and trainings that Have strengthened their knowledge. His ability is to accompany people so that they can modify limiting beliefs and improve their results. She is a creative workshop, lecturer, coach, mentor and writer at an international level.

She has specialized in topics on self-esteem, depression, women's and men's circles, couple communication, business people who want to increase their sales and personal performance. In addition to organizing retreats for intensive personal growth.

She is a woman committed to her call to help people transform their lives, from suffering to love.

"Knowing is the best investment, is to develop your skills and maximize your potential, to empower you. You have a great value. "

You will find great value in working under your assertive and transforming methods.

Listening to others with great interest and love, allows healing of wounds.

His passion is art, writing and helping others.

To Work With Dew is Important That:
  • Be a person committed to your personal growth.
  • Be aware that positive change requires discipline and you are willing to do the activities necessary to achieve your transformation.
  • Have the willingness to invest in your personal growth. You are your best investment!
  • Have the disposition to leave your comfort zone, to leave the excuses and make an agreement with the unlimited potential that you have inside.
  • Recognize that successful and lasting changes and results require your active and constant participation.

If these characteristics describe you and you know within yourself that you are ready to learn, then I can help you make a big difference in your life. You can create the life you want by using new tools and training you in emotional intelligence.

What is Coaching and What Can You do When Working With Dew?

Coaching is an interactive process in which the coach or coach and the person or group involved in the process seek the most effective way to achieve the goals set using their own resources and skills; Establishing concrete objectives and designing a plan of action that allows them to be achieved within the established deadlines, within this process it is important to work ethically and with responsibility on both sides.

Ontological Coaching aims to help modify the context of the client to find results. We work with the mental processes, emotions, patterns of life that affect the quality of life and block personal growth. It is important to work the subconscious and the distortions of thought to achieve better results.

Rocío works with an accompaniment that requires precise techniques through weekly sessions, specific tasks and designed for each situation, as well as teaching the person to develop analytical thinking, increase their emotional intelligence, raise their energy and discover their potential so that You can get to experience it to the fullest.

What is it For?
  • Set goals and find concrete strategies to achieve them.
  • Motivate yourself, recover the illusion for life and the goals you want to achieve.
  • Help you make good decisions that have a positive influence on your life.
  • Live better, design the way you want to live and improve your quality of life.
  • Grow personally, emotionally and professionally.
  • Improve the relationships of your family, friends and work environment.
  • Take a different perspective on life and learn to get the best out of you and every situation.
How Long Does it Last?

It depends on the specific needs of each person, the areas in which you want to work and the goals you want to achieve, each person is unique and different.

The goal is that the person can apply what he learns through coaching and reaches his goals. If the person is willing to work with discipline you can guarantee that you will see positive changes in a short time.

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