Can it affect my way of thinking to my health?

Maybe you've heard about how stress affects health.

Stress is stress caused by stressful situations; Which generate psychosomatic reactions or psychological disorders, which means that the balance of the body is destabilized causing the body to be more vulnerable to disease, one becomes more irritable, unable to fall asleep and lose the ability to socialize.

You have realized that when you are happy or you feel in love you rarely get sick, or when you are sad or worried it is easier to get sick. A thought has an impact on hormones and chemicals, under which the body works, this explains why thoughts become emotions, which cause in your body that you feel very good or very bad physically.

How you can manage stress levels and stay healthy.

It is important that you keep your thoughts in mind, listen to the words you use during the day. The words you speak reflect the way you are thinking. If you realize that they are more negative than positive then you can make the necessary changes, here I give you a tip the brain does not register the word NO, for example, "I do not want to get angry" he understands "I want to get angry", therefore The right words would be like "I decide to be happy despite the circumstances around me", that does not mean that you do not bother, but if it helps you understand that you can be angry a few minutes or the rest of the day. You decide the way you want to live and under what circumstances you want to keep your body. Every circumstance or situation that happens to you has some message from which you can learn.

Take a moment in the day, I recommend a moment before going to sleep when everything is calm, if you have the opportunity to have oil (It can be almond, olive or some that is aromatic of your preference) or a cream Moisturizer, give a massage especially on the feet, legs and arms, later you can take a nice bath for you or just wash the parts of your body that have oil; This activity can also be done as a couple (it helps a lot to improve the way you relate to him or her). This will help you to be in touch with yourself to give you the attention you deserve and to learn to love you a little more by thanking your body that helps you to be alive, the body's mission is to stay healthy, help So be it.

There is an experiment done by a Japanese, in which they put different words to different containers of water, some are positive and others are negative words, then took a few drops of each container and froze them. The incredible thing is that they crystallized differently despite having the same qualities in the water. The drops that came from containers with positive words, crystallized beautifully, and those that came from containers with negative words, crystallized with many edges in a little harmonious way. From what can be inferred that words have an effect on water droplets. If our brain is made up of 75 percent water. Imagine the effect of your thoughts on your brain!

Remember the most important is how you think. There is a phrase that says: You decide whether to see the glass half full or half empty, and in my words, you decide if you learn from the circumstances that seem to be negative and the power to transform it into something positive for you, Believe me, this way of thinking It will keep you happier and healthier.

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