Why people commit suicide?

 There can be many reasons; Some of them may be a divorce, loss of a loved one, extreme despair, loneliness or misunderstanding, recurrent thoughts of not having courage as a person or the fantasy that things will improve or be resolved once the person dies. However, the important thing is how they feel when they consider suicide, they think their life is unbearable, they experience a lot of impotence and despair, they believe that the circumstances and their feelings are greater than they are. It is a confusion between wanting to die and wanting to live, combined with the desire that all your sorrow and difficulties end. Somehow they send signals, which are a way to ask for help before attacking their own lives, although not always so, at least 5 and 10 percent do not send any signal and manage to commit suicide on the first attempt.

Some of the warning signs of a person thinking about suicide: 

You may show signs of depression, move away from people, lose interest in activities you enjoy, unexpected mood swings, give away valuable possessions to family or friends, make comments about your wishes after dying, think that it is better to be dead and He may even openly express his desire to commit suicide. The person can act impulsively, this means that their emotions are stronger than their ability to reason logically and analytically.

 Helping Prevent Suicides:

It is essential to learn to listen without judging. If you have a suspicion that a person caresses the idea of suicide, approach, talk, but remember not to do less or give little importance to the feelings or thoughts expressed by the person. Much of his emotional upset comes from feeling lonely, judged, unheeded or unheard. Talk about the resources the person has such as family, friends, psychologists, but do not tell him that his problems are not so bad. They can seek together the options to get ahead, among them they can go to a psychological orientation. 

Do not be frightened or angry if the person confesses to you about your suicidal thoughts, in a given case let him know that you feel scared (Impotence) or your concern about the situation, also express your love and remind him how important it is for you as a being human. The simple fact that You share and listen, can help, however, you must be clear that You are not responsible for the destiny of the other person. Prompt attention can save many lives, take the signals very seriously and act as soon as possible.

 Parents can establish better communication with their children, teach them tools that help them build a healthy self-esteem.

Educational institutions can implement courses or subjects that promote emotional education, as well as programs that are geared toward combating bullying. 

Health or government institutions can implement telephone or electronic assistance programs for people who have a suicidal idea so that they have anonymous access to being heard and oriented. In addition to tracking patients who have been registered in hospitals for suicide attempts. Open therapeutic groups for family members or friends who have lost a loved one by suicide. 

 The groups at greatest risk are adolescents and senior citizens, although suicide occurs at different ages, including children.

  Suicide should not be a Taboo in society or in families. It can be painful to speak of a relative who has committed suicide, since it is not well seen and is taken as an act of cowardice; Even some religions take it as a sin. This only makes the problem even greater for the survivors, since not mentioning it can cause them to delay in overcoming the fact that they have lost a loved one by suicide and that they generate feelings of guilt.

  Remember that help for your problems is available and that positive change in your life is possible.

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